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Simulator Pricing Sheet

South County Guns’ Ti Training Simulators are state-of-the-art professional training simulators available for both Law Enforcement and civilian use. We have programs for entertainment purposes in addition to programs to help you become more familiar with firearms in a safe environment without live fire.  

We utilize the infrared technology in SIRT training pistols as well as actual pistols, including Glock, S&W, Beretta and Windham Weaponry.  With a recoil device that simulates the operation of live fire in each of the pistols, you can train to become a proficient and safe shooter.

We feel every shooter should have a good balance of both live-fire target range training and simulated training to offers real life scenarios, moving drills, or entertainment simulations.

With our simulators, you are able to move, jump, hide behind barricades, draw from a holster, and shoot rapid fire and double taps – things that will get you thrown out of live fire ranges!

Entertainment Programs– For couples, small groups and team building exercises, we have zombie shots, pistol draw against cowboys, Sci-fi animations, balloons safaris, and too many different games for fun to list!

Concealed Carry/Training Programs– For ALL concealed carry citizens to sharpen your skills with a multitude of target drills, competition and speed drills, reaction training, shoot vs. no shoot scenarios, and real life simulations of active shooters and so much more.

Law Enforcement/Police Training– We have programs for tactical, military, and decision making drills with hundreds of real life scenarios in suburban, city, and battlefield situations designed for law enforcement training.