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Rhino Metals and Ironworks Safes:

We are the only stocking dealer for Rhino Metals and Ironworks line of Safes, tool chests, and furniture for the NW Indiana and Chicagoland area. Rhino safes are 100% made in America and are some of the most unique, well-made safes available today. Rhino Ironworks safes come in beautiful vintage style distressed finishes, or vibrant metallic finishes for a more modern look.

These safes also have the ability to bolt on their patented Swing-Out Gun Rack, which is an industry game-changer for long gun storage!

Tactical Walls: Home defense hidden in plain sight!

We are a dealer for Tactical Walls products which is a clever line of furniture and home décor that doubles as firearm storage. These products give you the ability to have close, quick access if a situation ever arises and you don’t have time to run for your safe.